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To Be… or Not to be

the Isolation and constant Uncertainty of non-conformity


the Silent Scream and chest-hammering of the Plugged-in Drone

? Is

it a Choice

? Are

they both Self-Imposed


contemplate further


a seinfeld re-run is starting.

Where I spend my days

June 2010: A professionally successful but frustrated husband discovers more than he expected while digging through the personal effects of his estranged—and recently deceased—father. Taking the advice of a stranger who claims to be from his father’s past, he leaves his family at home in Sydney’s leafy suburbs and travels to the USA in search of answers to his childhood memories. His journey leads him to new relatives and on to a small village in North Korea where the truth is revealed and he finds that he and his father are not so different after all…

Inspiration vs Perspiration

“It is in the doing, that the idea comes.”

Edmund Bacon

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