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Revolution Baby!


What revolution will I lead?

Thus questions the 7th, and final writing prompt from Scott Dinsmore’s  The 2015 Start-A-Blog Dream Job Challenge.

Knowing that this post was coming up, I placed this question at the back of my brain last week, keen to see what came up after a few days of cogitation.

As usual, the results have surprised me.

Firstly, I’ve got to admit that I’m actually uncomfortable with the phrase ‘leading a revolution’. It makes me squirm.

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Back to the Future


After last week’s post, I have mentally begun referring to myself as a writer.

I even took the bold step of declaring it out loud to a few close friends and family.

One friend, in particular, was incredibly supportive and IMMEDIATELY started bombarding me with emails related to writing and blogging. It’s the way she rolls and I love her for it.

One of the links was a call for articles on topics relating to boys and young men’s health issues.

This seemed like a perfect opportunity to use my writing to eke out some words about a topic that’s very close to me. I certainly don’t feel like any sort of an expert, but I do have some, let’s call it, ‘field experience’.

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Going up?


What’s your elevator pitch?  

I don’t know how these writing prompts keep being so relevant to me, but it seems that each one to date has touched precisely on a topic that I really need to work on.

After last week’s post, I looked ahead to what I would be writing for this week, and thought, “Elevator pitch? Really? Sounds far too business focussed for where I am right now.”

I’m still just getting a grip on who I am and where I’m going so it’s a bit early for me to be trying to distill any sort of a sales message into a succinct soundbite.

And yet, by the time today rolled around and I sat down to compose this post, I realised this is exactly what I need. And right now is the best time for it.

I don’t need a business slogan. What I do need, is a phrase or sentence that I can call on when I’m asked the all important, “So, what is it that you do?” question.  As I construct the next stage of my life I want to have a real answer, firstly for myself, and secondly for those who are actually interested.

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