What revolution will I lead?

Thus questions the 7th, and final writing prompt from Scott Dinsmore’s  The 2015 Start-A-Blog Dream Job Challenge.

Knowing that this post was coming up, I placed this question at the back of my brain last week, keen to see what came up after a few days of cogitation.

As usual, the results have surprised me.

Firstly, I’ve got to admit that I’m actually uncomfortable with the phrase ‘leading a revolution’. It makes me squirm.

At first glance, it’s the possible aggressive connotations of ‘revolution’ that rub me the wrong way, but upon deeper reflection I come to realise, that’s not the specific part of the question that’s causing me unease.

Lead. To lead others. To be a leader. Of a revolution; something that might impact many people and produce widespread change.

The concept that there is something that I will do, think or espouse that will attract others to follow me; this just doesn’t feel right.

After all, I’m no-one to follow. I’m just an ordinary guy, no different from anyone else out there.

I’m simply trying to get through the day, do the right things more often than not and wanting the best for my family and friends. Hoping that I can be a little better than the day before. Wanting to leave the world and the people I come across a little brighter than before I arrived.

But that’s not answering the question, is it?

So let me try rephrasing it.

What revolution would I like to see?

Ah, now, that I can answer.

I would like for us all, me included, to look past the noise to recognise and appreciate the little things in our lives and our days that so often go unnoticed.

Those things that remind us of how incredible this world and life is and, even if just for a moment, make us glad to be here.

Those things that are so easy to miss in the clamour and noise of texts and emails and laundry and meetings and money and bosses and car payments and… well you get the idea.

Things like:

The infectious smile and gurgle of a child who’s just learned to walk.

The smell of your favourite hot drink on a cold winter’s day.

The empathy and love that you can actually feel coming from deep beneath the skin of the friend who’s comforting you.

The dazzling blue of the sky and the wind-whipped white of cloud streaks.

The sledgehammer power of words in a book that is speaking directly to you.

The fragility of life and friendships.

The joyful sound of your favourite music and the way you can’t help but move to it.

Those things that tell us that we have and that we are enough – just as we are.

Will it be worth it?

Good question – I know that when I do manage to recognise and, better yet fully succumb, to these moments, then all the rest of the crap pales into insignificance.

I feel better, happier, lighter, more connected. More alive.

I feel enough.

Will I lead a revolution like this?

I’m not sure.

What I know I can do is to do my best every day to live to my beliefs. To grab these moments. To be enough.

Will anyone choose to follow me?

I guess that’s up to you guys.

[image source: Lotus Carroll. – WallpapersWide.com]